Working at COLOP

Our employees are important to us

COLOP employees

COLOP has approximately 500 employees worldwide. About 200 of these are active at the headquarters in Wels.

Ernst Faber

Ernst Faber


"The basis for the success of COLOP are good, qualified employees who are highly motivated."

Christoph Skopek

Christoph Skopek

Managing Director

"COLOP stands for innovation and a strong team - decisive success factors, that form the stable basis for our constant further development and ultimately make the difference."

Apprenticeship at COLOP

As one of the region's leading companies and a globally successful stamp manufacture, COLOP offer apprenticeships which are guaranteed to be exciting and varied.

COLOP offers apprenticeship training in the following fields:

plastics processing technician plastics processing technician
metallic engineering: tool making technician metallic engineering: tool making technician
mechatronics engineering: automation technician mechatronics engineering: automation technician
electrical engineering: electrical technician electrical engineering: electrical technician
process technician process technician
office administrator office administrator


  • Site loyalty – Made in Austria

    Through the on-going expansion and modernisation of the production capacities at the company headquarters in Wels, COLOP sets a clear signal that the company will continue to remain in Austria in the future. COLOP has the necessary infrastructure to meet the high quality requirements as well as the high productivity requirements in the long term.

  • Growth and Expansion

    Market shares are gained through professional and partnership-based market processing and the excellent product range. An other method is through expansion and strengthening of the sales network. For example, companies are newly established (COLOP Spain) or are taken over for strategic reasons (COLOP Poland).

  • Innovative power within our own ranks

    For COLOP the focus has always been on innovation as its distinguishing feature. We succeed continuously to develop new ideas and innovations, and to set milestones in the stamp industry. Product development takes place exclusively in Austria through the R & D team. COLOP stands out not only for innovation in the product area, but also in Marketing, eBusiness and Sales.

  • Sustainability

    The protection of the environment is a priority at COLOP and is firmly embedded in the mission of the company. A comprehensive environmental management system according to ISO 14000 ensures this in all areas of the company.

  • Partnership

    COLOP works with 120 regularly supplied export markets and maintains long-term business relations with its partners. Numerous COLOP partners have been working with COLOP since the very beginning. These intensive partnerships have contributed significantly to COLOP's success.

  • Quality Orientation

    COLOP attaches great importance to quality. Products and services are audited to regulated quality criteria.This is manifested in the fact that COLOP is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management).